How to Prep Yourself for Weight Loss

Source: Pexels

Going on a diet – to lose five pounds, to lose a hundred, to get in shape for that dream wedding day dress – is no easy feat. It takes a whole lot of willpower not to snack. It takes a strong mind and stomach to say no to dessert. The many tricks, toys and routines people employ all across the globe to lose weight are testament to that fact.

So what can you do? How can you help your brain adjust to no more sugar in the coffee, so to speak? Quite easily, in fact! Here are our top three tips to help you prepare for an upcoming weight loss regime.

1. Get Your Brain on Board

A diet is designed to change your body, and believe it or not that includes your brain. We form food and eating habits throughout our lifetime, and they won’t go down without a fight. The first step to any diet, whichever you choose, is getting yourself strapped in: this is a marathon, not a sprint. Every little choice is a part of the journey and you certainly won’t shed mass overnight.

Remember that your number one weapon is determination. Whether you’re checking the scale every day or once a month, that downward trend will only continue if you stick to your plan. Sometimes things might go up. You could make a mistake, eat more over a holiday period, or simply just be carrying more water.

A consistent calorie deficit will always lead to results; however, so don’t lose hope. One great tip when you do get into the diet is to book cravings for a point in the future. Want blueberry cheesecake? Schedule it for next weekend. If you still want it by then, eat up. Otherwise, you’ve saved yourself a stumble.

2. Talk About Your Plans – a Lot!

Communicate. Discuss. Gossip. Social pressure is a huge part of all of daily lives, and a great way to prepare for a diet is to make yourself accountable to friends. Friends, or your doctor for that matter. Anyone that you feel comfortable discussing your concerns with. Maybe you know someone that is trying to slim down too. If so, team up! Go jogging at the weekends, check each others’ food diaries and be a source of moral support wherever possible. By helping others you could be helping yourself.

Source: Pexels

On the more extreme end of things, you could get subtle therapy like CBT, which can help you to understand your own patterns regarding food and your emotions. You could join a local support group like Weightwatchers. You could even resort to spiritual help. Your body is your temple, after all.

Clairvoyant readings might be useful in planning for unfortunate events in your future for example, and there are plenty of practioners available so that you can find the right one for yourself. Major life events are the enemy of consistency and diets, but the more you prepare yourself the less likely that will be.

3. Forgive Your Past Mistakes

Dieting is hard, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re about to try again you’ve probably tried before without permanent success. But don’t worry. You’ve learnt from those past mistakes. You know your stumbling blocks. With the support of friends and family, you can move on from them and set your eyes on the future – to a healthier, happier body.

So go on, get started! What are you waiting for? The new you starts today.